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Authors Year Journal Title Publication
G.W. Gustavsen, A.W. Hegnes 2020 Sustainability Turning the Tap or Buying the Bottle? ConsumersPersonality, Understanding of Risk,Trust and Conspicuous Consumption of Drinking Water in Norway
A. Halbert-Howard, F. Hafner, S. Karlowsky, D. Schwarz, A. Krause 2020 Environmental Science and Pollution Research Evaluating recycling fertilizers for tomato cultivation in hydroponics, and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions
J. Zhao, D. Kechasov,B. Rewald, G.Bodner, M. Verheul,N. Clarke, J.L.Clarke 2020 Remote Sensing Deep Learning in Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction from Single RGB images—A Case Study on Tomato Quality Parameters
L.A. Borges, F.Hammami, J.Wangel 2020 Sustainability Reviewing Neighborhood Sustainability Assessment Tools through Critical Heritage Studies
Carlos Tapia, Linda Randall, Shinan Wang, Luciane Aguiar Borges 2021 Sustainable Cities and Society Monitoring the contribution of urban agriculture to urban sustainability: an indicator-based framework
Bianca Cavicchi,Atle Wehn Hegnes 2021 Sustainable Food Systems Scoping Out Elements of Sociocultural Adaptation in European Urban Agriculture
C.Schröder, F. Häfner, O. C. Larsen and A. Krause 2021 Agronomy Agronomy Urban Organic Waste for Urban Farming: Growing Lettuce Using Vermicompost and Thermophilic Compost
S. M. Aurdal, B. Foereid, T. Sogn, T. Børresen, T. Hvoslef-Eide & S. F. Remberg 2022 Acta agriculturae scandinavica, section b — Soil & Plant Science Growth, yield and fruit quality of tomato Solanum lycopersicum L grown in sewage-based compost in a semi-hydroponic cultivation system
S. M. Aurdal, T. L. Woznicki,T. K. Haraldsen, K. Kusnierek, A. Sønsteby and S. F. Remberg 2022 Horticulture Wood Fiber-Based Growing Media for Strawberry Cultivation: Effects of Incorporation of Peat and Compost
Häfner F., Monzon Diaz O.R., Tietjen S.,Schröder C. and Krause A. 2023 Frontiers in Environmental Science Recycling fertilizers from human excreta exhibit high nitrogen fertilizer value and result in low uptake of pharmaceutical compounds

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Title Type of Publication Year
Growing vegetables with compost from solar dry toilet residue (in Danish) Newsletter 2021
Newsletter for SiEUGreen (in Danish) Newsletter 2020
Deep Learning for Tomato Diseases: Classification and Symptoms Visualization Article 2020
Foam-Insulated Greenhouse at NMBU Campus Ås, Norway Document 2022
Project Brief Document 2022
Spotlight on SiEUGreen Results and Learnings Final Project Conference,November 17th Ski, Norway Document 2022

WP Descriptions
WP 1

WP1 aims at developing and securing institutional and social structures for resource-efficient and resilient cities with UA. The focus of this WP is on developing a broader conceptual framework for the project. The outcome of the WP will be identification of main processes and structural elements that are key to understanding the current status and future potential of UA, such as the interaction with business environment, engagement of residents, the role of governance and institutional settings, land use issues, knowledge transfer and long-term resilient structures and inclusive communities.

WP 2

The objective of WP2 is to achieve sustainable and circular urban farming systems, we have, based on our pre-existing “know-how”, selected several key technologies which shall be verified and tested out in pilot scale in WP2 to facilitate the large scale showcases described in WP3. WP2 is a key input of the required technologies to the showcases in WP3. Specific focuses will be given to: Provide an overview of and selection of technologies to be demonstrated in the showcases; Verify the feasibility and identify potential challenges involved in implementation of the technologies in WP3; Pilot studies of key components and technologies to facilitate successful implementation in the showcases; Deliver the implementation plan and evaluation of the selected technologies to be demonstrated in the showcases in WP3.

WP 3

This WP aims to organize and implement the showcase deployment of SiEUGreen in China, Norway, Denmark, Turkey. Here the functionalities developed in WP2 are to be tested and validated. WP3 will develop the pilot implementation plan, recruit and engage communities and implement the awareness raising campaigns for reaching participation from various environments. Through its implementation, it is expected to demonstrate circular economy in practice, through the example of innovative green, smart and inclusive cities. By this, it is expected to minimize the energy footprint, increase climate resilience, urban food security and health and happiness indicators in the participating cities, while the showcase impact will be multiplied to Chinese and European cities beyond the showcase areas, thanks to the communication activities deployed in parallel with this WP.

WP 4

The overall objective of this EU-China H2020 SiEuGreen project aims to share and transfer “know-how” between China and European countries to achieve a successful urban agricultural food production with zero waste, minimum transport, reuse, recycle and reduced environmental and energy burden to contribute to circular economy. The knowledge and technologies shall be shared and transferred consist of (1) crop cultivation technologies; (2) wastewater treatment and reuse technology; (3) waste composting and biogas production technology; (4) solar energy system design and production technology; (5) social and economic models and (6) new patent(s) and novel knowledge acquired during the project period. The knowledge and technology transferred will be carried out after adequate IPR agreement and MoUare signed which are empowered under the European and Chinese laws.

WP 5

WP5 intends to assess the economic, environmental, social and business benefits of the Showcases, as demonstrated by the involved SME partners and stakeholders; Assess the nature/characteristics of current and future market demand in EU and China (and Globally) for UA solutions (both in terms of products and services); Map the global competitive landscape, assess the state of competition and provide estimation of the Market Potential, in EU and China, for SiEUGreen UA solutions; Develop a commercialization strategy for the two geographical areas; Assess the potential markets and needs of all distinct user groups in EU and China for the UA solutions provided by SiEUGreen (D5.1); Secure the Sustainability and Exploitation of the SiEUGreen through the deliverance of: the Handbook for SiEUGreen solutions replication; and the establishment of a Sustainability Working Group (SWG) (D5.2; D5.4; D5.5); To develop sustainable business model for the commercialization of the SiEUGreen solution, identifying also potential investors and alternative sources of funding (D5.3).

WP 6

This WP aims at developing and implementing a multi-dimensional communication and dissemination strategy so as to increase awareness and participation among project stakeholders. It will produce the motivational material and tools for engaging users and will implement activities for ensuring the replication and sustainability of SiEUGreen including concrete policy recommendations that will be presented during the Final Conference of the project.

WP 7

This WP aims at ensuring the efficient and timely implementation of project activities through the following sub objectives: Comply with the legal, contractual, reporting and financial requirements of the EU; Animate and coordinate the consortium effectively; Establish an Advisory Board to provide with feedback and suggestions on strategic issues such as knowledge and exploitation plans; Monitor the timely completion of key tasks through effective delegation to WP leaders and to ensure the quality of WP deliverables through implementation of a quality assurance system; Put in place an effective risk management and contingency strategy to ensure that there is no significant impact on project budget or project outcomes from any unforeseen deviation from plan.


Public deliverables that will be submitted within the SiEUGreen project are listed below.

Each deliverable will be available for download as soon as its content is accepted by the European Commission.

Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D1.1 Maps of quantitative and qualitative data for each of the showcase locations Collection of already available data (land-use, food security, resource efficiency, societal inclusion) at the showcase locations as well as setting of a strategy to collect and possibly distribute the data that will be collected during the project. 30 Jun 2018 download
D1.2 Baseline study including key indicators and development of a typology Baseline study including best practices, key indicators and development of a typology 31 Dec 2018 download
D1.4 Guidelines for a new interactive impact assessment approaches Key questions on how to evaluate resource-efficient UA on social and economic aspects. 31 Dec 2020 download
D1.5 Engagement strategy Strategic plan for the engagement of communities in WP3 – with examples of Best Practices. 30 Jun 2021 download
D1.3 Whitepaper with best practices Whitepaper with best practices guides based on both generic and on the case-studies about land use and access to land 31 Oct 2021
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D2.1 Green Technology (T1) ready Technology for waste recycling from household and garden waste using dry composting anaerobic digestion (biogas production) is ready for implementation in an open environment 30 Apr 2019 download
D2.2 Evaluation of crop techniques All three crop cultivation techniques evaluated, documented and ready for up-scaling in the showcases provided 30 Apr 2019 download
D2.3 Blue Technology (T2) Ready 1 Selected wastewater and water reuse technologies ready and full scale implementation planned for the showcases 30 Apr 2019 download
D2.4 Blue Technology(T2) Ready 2 Alternative toilet systems selected and water implementation planned for the showcase 30 Apr 2019 download
D2.5 Recommendation document for nutrient and energy supply in each showcase It will be based on initial recommendations that will be updated with data from WP3. 30 Sep 2021
D2.6 Social awareness and acceptance report Peoples understanding of circular economy and initial technology acceptance documented 30 Sep 2021
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D3.1 Requirement plans for each of the showcase locations This will build on the results of T1.1 (mapping of technological, geographical and societal data) and will provide planning for the pilot implementation phases 31 Dec 2018 download
D3.2 Common implementation framework Standardizing the implementation aspects and adapting them to each location 28 Feb 2019 download
D3.3 Mid-term Showcase deployment report Providing results of the first open environment implementation and feeding back to the research 30 Jun 2020 download
D3.4 Final Showcase deployment report Integrating improvements and fine-tuning and providing results on all implementation aspects 30 Sep 2021
D3.6 COMMURBAN software delivery COMMURBAN groupware delivery through the web and mobile aiming to collect, embrace and reward end-user best practices regarding the use of energy effective technologies at real urban and peri-urban environments 31 Oct 2021 download
D3.5 City benchmarking LCA report Comparative environmental assessment of recycling technology options; comparison of the showcases in terms of technological and societal success and challenge. 31 Dec 2021
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D4.1 Partner agreement on IPR and MoU Chinese and EU partners will sign Memorandum of Understanding on IP and the use of technologies. RRI issues will be covered 31 Oct 2018
D4.2 Transnational board meeting report and issue of white paper Chinese and EU partners will meet to discuss the project results and will issue a white paper on UA and its impact, which will be made public and disseminated at both continents 31 Dec 2020 download
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D5.1 Market analysis 1 Market analysis report will be issued at different project phases in order to track all relevant developments. Market analysis 1 will be delivered in M8. The different national contexts will be taken in consideration 31 Aug 2018 download
D5.7 Establishment of Sustainability Working Group Planning of the project’s aftermath thanks to the expertise of partners with relevant experience 30 Jun 2019 download
D5.4 Sustainability and Exploitation Plan Planning of the project’s aftermath thanks to the expertise of partners with relevant experience 30 Jun 2020
D5.3 Mid-term Showcase deployment report Market analysis reports will be issued at different project phases in order to track all relevant developments.Market analysis 3 will be delievered in M36. The different national contexts will be taken in consideration 31 Dec 2020 download
D5.6 Handbook for SiEUGreen solutions replication User-friendly guide for the SiEUGreen models that can be replicated international 30 Apr 2021 download
D5.5 Business plan Business plans will be issued for the project results with a commercialization potential, incl. IT tools and showcases. 31 Oct 2021
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D6.1 Dissemination plan Described in detail in section 2.2 30 Jun 2018 download
D6.2 Project website Project website with knowledge presentation in different languages, including resource centre and interactive features 31 Oct 2018 download
D6.3 Promotional material Youtube videofilm, APP software, leaflets. This material will inform residents in a comprehensive way on climate smart food production and 3 R (reuse, recycle and reduce) as instrument to achieve circular economy 31 Dec 2018 download
D6.5 Dissemination plan No. 2 30 Jun 2019
D6.6 Dissemination plan No. 3 31 Aug 2020
D6.4 Policy recommendations Policy recommendations set of policy recommendations to be brought to the attention of policy makers and stakeholders at local, national, European and international level 31 Dec 2021
D6.7 Dissemination plan No. 4 30 Jun 2022
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D7.1 Quality Assurance - Risk Management plan This will contain the main aspects related to the Quality Management of the project summarizing the organizational structure, the operating procedures and management tools and the risk management process 31 Mar 2018 download
D7.2 Data management and RRI plan This report will present the project data management and the RRI approach 30 Jun 2018 download
D7.3 Data management and RRI plan No.2 31 Dec 2022
Del.Rel.No Title Description Est.Del.Date(annex I)
D8.1 H - Requirement No. 1 2.1. Details on the procedures and criteria that will be used to identify/recruit research participants must be provided 31 Mar 2018
D8.2 H - Requirement No. 2 2.2. Detailed information must be provided on the informed consent procedures that will be implemented for the participation of humans 31 Mar 2018 download
D8.3 H - Requirement No. 3 2.3. Templates of the informed consent forms and information sheet must be submitted on request 31 Mar 2018 download
D8.4 POPD - Requirement No. 4 4.4. Detailed information must be provided on the procedures that will be implemented for data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction and confirmation that they comply with national and EU legislation 31 Mar 2018 download
D8.5 POPD - Requirement No. 5 4.5. Detailed information on the informed consent procedures that will be implemented in regard to the collection, storage and protection of personal data must be submitted on request 31 Mar 2018 download
D8.6 NEC - Requirement No. 7 6.3. The applicant must provide details on the material which will be imported to/exported from EU and provide the adequate authorisations (if applicable). In case personal data are exported from the EU/Norway to the PR China, copies of EU Model Clause Contracts must be submitted 31 Mar 2018

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774233.