Changsha showcase

The project vision is to demonstrate this urban development as resource efficient, intelligent and sustainable, with reduction, reuse and recycling of waste, suppling secure food and effective utilization of solar energy. In the future, we hope to create Changsha into a water culture, agricultural culture, and social cultural, sustainable development, circular economy, characteristic green ecological city.


Changsha will exhibit the comprehensive recycling technology of urban sewage, the recycling technology of nutrients in sewage, and the recycling of urban wastewater. Futiancangjun community building demonstration in Changsha installed low flush the toilet, toilet water saving, the sewage are collected in the community and magnesium ammonium phosphate crystallization method to extract the elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus, was established in demonstration building roof rainwater recycling system, biological treatment system on the model family of grey water (water washing with water, the kitchen) and part of the intercept rainfall for processing. In order to improve the living quality of residents, a demonstration of the balcony vegetable garden in Changsha will be conducted by combining soilless cultivation technology, automatic detection of greenhouse temperature and light environment and remote intelligent control technology. According to the available space characteristics of each family balcony, the balcony is equipped with personalized planting equipment, which is used for planting leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables, sprout vegetables, edible fungi and so on.




长沙将展示城市污水综合循环利用技术、污水中营养元素回收技术、实现城市废 水的循环利用。在长沙福天藏郡小区示范栋安装低冲水量马桶,节约厕所用水,对该小区内的污水进行收集并开展磷酸铵镁结晶法提取氮磷等元素工作,在示范栋屋顶建立雨水循环再利用系统,建立生物处理系统对示范家庭产生的灰水(洗涤用水、厨房用水)及部分截留雨水进行处理。为提高居民生活质量,将结合无土栽培技术、温室温光环境自动检测和远程智能控制技术,并在长沙进行阳台菜园的示范。根据每个家庭阳台可用空间特点,个性化配备阳台种植装备,用于种植叶菜、果菜、芽苗菜、食用菌等。

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774233.