Part1:Sanyuan Farm

Sanyuan Farm is located in Haidian District of Beijing, which is the member of Beijing Capital Agricultural Food Group and the member of BAEISU. The area of Sanyuan Farm is 1,000 mu and less than 30 kilometers from downtown,Tiananmen Square. The core idea of Sanyuan Farm are “One Foundation and Three Combinations”. The one foundation is agriculture, and the combined are travel, education and technology. Main business: Modern agriculture:Cherry planting,National Solar Greenhouse Demonstration Base. Urban agriculture:Citizen Farm,Flower sea. Scientific agriculture:Earthworm compost demonstration.

三元农场位于北京市海淀区,是北京首农食品集团下属公司,也是北京生态创意农业服务联盟成员单位。三元农场占地1000亩,距天安门广场不到30公里。 三元农场的核心发展理念是“一个根本三个结合”。暨“以农业为根本,结合旅游、结合教育、结合科技”的发展方针。 主营业务: 现代农业:樱桃种植、国家日光温室示范基地 都市农业:市民菜园、花田秀海 科技农业:核心科技连栋温室、蚯蚓堆肥

Part2:Urban Vegetable Garden

Two types people could choose: 50 m², 1880 yuan per year, plus 2000 yuan per year if it is managed by farm (share water with 4 blocks. 80 m², 3800 yuan per year, plus 2800 yuan per year if it is managed by farm(deliver a pavilion, a set of table and chair and independent water). Others for free: Seeds, rape, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, radish, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, cauliflower organic fertilizer, weeding, pest control, drinkable water, bathroom. Valuation: Estimated annual revenue will be 4 million and 3000-5000 people will benefit from them. At the same time they are also the customers to share the cherry ,strawberry ,chicken and eggs produced by the farm.

市民菜园有两种类型: 50平方米,每年1880元,如果是农场经营,则每年另加2000元(4块地共用一个水源)。 80平方米,每年3800元,如果是农场经营,则每年2800元(提供凉亭,桌椅和独立水源)。 其他免费: 种子、油菜、菠菜、白菜、生菜、萝卜、黄瓜、番茄、茄子、花椰菜、有机肥料、除草、害虫防治、饮用水、公共卫生间。 市场价值: 预计年收入为400万并且3000-5000人将从中受益。同时,他们也是分享农场生产的樱桃,草莓,鸡肉和鸡蛋的顾客。

Part3:ECS Fish and Vegetable

The high-efficiency cycle system(ESC)was researched by a doctor graduated in USA, and the technology centered on advanced synthetic microbiology. It has been the first fish and vegetable system to be produced on a large scale in China. ECS system can construct a multi-layer production system with fish, microorganism and vegetable. Without using pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics, ECS realizes the ecological production of zero pollution and zero waste. ECS system has been widely used in Beijing, Jiangsu, Hefei, Shanxi, Shandong, Neimeng, Ningxia and Hebei. The agricultural products produced have won the favor of customers because of its green, ecological, high nutrition and good taste. The ESC system has the following characteristics: 1.High density fish pond The breeding density can reach 50 kg/cubic; waste such as fish manure is discharged. 2. Microbial reactor Transforming fish manure into small molecule nutrients; releasing enzymes, probiotics, trace elements, etc. 3. Soilless culture system Planting vegetables to complete the final filtration; the leveling system can also breed aquatic products such as Taiwan loach. 4. The whole ecology, To eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, nutrient solution, antibiotics, etc., can achieve 0 emissions 0 pollution 0 residues. 5. High output value The output value per mu can reach 300,000/mu, and it will be returned in one year. It can produce 30-40 kinds of vegetables and 20+ kinds of whole ecological aquatic products in a multi-level area per unit area. The products are balanced in nutrition, good in taste and good in flavor. 6. Low cost Only 1/8-1/4 of similar products, no additional fertilizer, less water, and more than 90% water saving. Only 0.5 people per mu, easy to operate, low operating and management costs. 7. More stable microbial activity can be as high as 1-2 years. Large-scale production of more than 300 acres has been achieved. Stable performance, can be widely used in a variety of terrain and climatic conditions.

ESC高效循环养殖系统由留美博士创立,以先进的合成生物学技术为核心,是国内首个可实现大规模生产的鱼菜共生系统。 该系统可构建鱼-微生物-农作物种养一体的多层级生产系统,不使用农药、化肥及抗生素等,可实现0污染0排放的生态生产。 ECS高效循环中养殖系统目前已广泛应用于北京、江苏、合肥、山西、山东、内蒙、宁夏、河北等地。所产农产品因其绿色、生态、高营养及好口味赢得了广大顾客的欢迎。 ESC高效循环养殖系统具有以下特点: 1、高密度养鱼池 养殖密度可达50公斤/立方;排泄鱼粪等废弃物。 2、微生物反应器 转化鱼粪为小分子营养物质;释放酵素、益生菌、微量元素等。 3、无土栽培系统 种植蔬菜,完成最终过滤;平层系统还可养殖台湾泥鳅等水产。 4、全生态 杜绝化肥、农药、营养液、抗生素等物质使用,可达到0排放0污染0残留。 5、高产值 亩产值可达30万/亩,1年回本。单位面积内可多层级生产30-40种蔬菜、20+种全生态水产,产品营养均衡,口感好,风味佳。 6、低成本 仅为同类产品的1/8-1/4,无需额外施肥,补水少,节水节电达90%以上。每亩仅需0.5人,易操作,运营管理成本低。 7、更稳定 微生物活性可高达1-2年。已实现300亩以上大规模生产。性能稳定,可广泛适用于各种地形及气候条件。

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774233.